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Full Body Harness Haidar pn 56
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30 Apr 2020
1 piece
IDR 700.000

Specification of

Full Body Harness Haidar Pn 56 (5 Dring)
Series: CE
In accordance with: EN 361: 2002, EN 358: 2000 and EN 813
Field of Use: Fall Protection
Physical Parameters: Size - Standard.Description:
â € ¢ Calculation of Fall Arrest, Work Mission, Rescue Application and Access Rope.
â € ¢ Soft Padding On Shoulder, Waist And Leg Straps To fill in a long time.
â € ¢ Also Available With Band Extension-Ref-PN 56 (E).Specification:
â € ¢ One Chest and One Ring D-Ring for Fall Catching.
â € ¢ One D-Ring at waist level for rope access.
â € ¢ Two Lateral Rings for Work Position.
â € ¢ Adjustable shoulders, thigh-straps and waist belts.

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