Afo Fire Ball Automatic Fire Extinguisher

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21 Sep 2021
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1 Unit

Specification of Afo Fire Ball Automatic Fire Extinguisher

Automatic Fire Extinguisher

1. Why do I need an AFO?

Fire Ball was created to protect the souls of fire hazard. The philosophy behind the discovery of the AFO are: prevention of fire hazard. AFO was created to work alone to prevent fire hazard, so needed by the AFO who realize the danger of fire.

If you often leave anak2 & your family, make sure they are protected by automatic fire suppression AFO.

2. Whether the AFO expensive?

It is not. AFO very economical & affordable by all walks of life. What is a 21 Inch Televisions are cheaper than an AFO? Certainly more expensive. But we do not consider TV is expensive, because TV is already so needs. But the Fire Ball is the problem of AFO awareness of the danger of fire, safety concerns are not necessarily everyone cares. Only with Rp. 700,-/day/ball you can already get benefits AFO for 5 years. Life can not be comparedwith the right price.


3. the AFO may be used anywhere?

AFO may be used wherever outdoor as well as indoor. In principle the AFO placed on high fire risk titik2: kitchen, electric panel, high current contacts of the stop, the fuel tanks, storage of flammable materials, water heater LPG, etc.

4. Whether the service can be used by AFO & seniors?

Yes. In addition to Automatic functioning, the AFO could also be used to manually even by anak2 & seniors. Does it weigh lighter (1.3 Kg) so easy to carry. Its use is simply thrown onto a fire area will extinguish itself. &


5. does the regular Extinguisher need not be used anymore?

AFO serves as the initial fire extinguisher (fire retardant & early fire extinguisher) where AFO will put out the fire before it is enlarged. But regular Department remain as primary fire extinguisher (fire service).

6. What's special about AFO than ordinary fireman?

AFO has the main characters namely preventive fires

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